~ Jessica Argon-Bonners Ferry from Idaho, USA, says ~

“These products are delightful. Not only do they smell wonderful, but they’re all natural and homemade. The sugar scrub is amazing, I use it as a facial scrub and skin feels so soft afterwards. The Goats’ Milk Soap with pumice stone is incredible on my feet and smells good. I also Like the Lemonade Lip Balm and am excited to use my other products. Good job Megan and thank you!!!”

Goats Milk Soaps


~ Amanda D. From Allenford, Ontario, Canada, says ~

“Lather Life Naturally soaps are the best I’ve ever used.  I love knowing that they are made with the best quality ingredients, especially since I use them for my kids and babies too. The fragrances are simple and clean while the lather feels soft and luxurious! Bath time for a busy mom of five is pretty special…Megan’s soaps are icing on the cake!”

Lather Life...Naturally


~ Carmen H. from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada says ~

“I have sensitive skin, so the simple, pure ingredients of LLN’s soap are great for me.  Their pleasant scent and rich lather make these soaps a pleasure to use.  The fact that they are hand-crafted and unique make them a great choice for gift-giving as well!”



~ Laura E. from Hepworth, Ontario, Canada, says ~

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the soap I bought from Lather Life…Naturally.  The scents are wonderful and long lasting.  I also find that the soap lathers very well and doesn’t dry out my skin.  It also holds its consistency and doesn’t melt away even after repeated uses.  I am very satisfied and will be a repeat customer!  Thank you for making such a great product!”



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