How are your natural skin care products made?

With love and passion! Each recipe is carefully handcrafted from scratch in small batches.

I start with high quality oils & pastured lard and add essential oils, clays, salts and rich oils to create an unforgettably luxurious bar! It takes up to 6 weeks to create, cut, cure and label the perfect bar of Goats Milk Soap.

Each skin care product starts off with high end, quality butters, oils and waxes. I then add essential oils, herbs and more to create an amazing end product you won’t soon forget!

How long do your soaps stay fresh?

My soaps will stay good for 1-2 years; it is best to use them within 12 months to retain the strength of the essential oils.


How do I make my bar last longer?

Avoid spraying water onto the bars while in the shower and do not let your bar of natural soap sit in a puddle of water. Keep it on a nice soap dish which lets water drain away. Natural soaps will literally melt away if they are left standing in water. If you wish to store your soap before using it, keep it in a dark, dry place.


Why are there different shapes of soap?

The soaps with the beautiful sculpted tops are scented with high quality essential oils. The other bars are scented with fragrance oils (which we are cutting down on). Both are high quality, handcrafted goats milk soaps.


Can your soaps be used in sensitive skin?

Several of the essential oils soaps can be used on sensitive skin. “Unscented” and “Lavender” are two such examples. Please be aware of what your skin can handle and use caution when trying out new products.


How long does a bar of soap last?

Anywhere from 3 weeks to a couple of months. It depends on how heavily they are used and how well they are cared for.


How long do your skin products last?

It totally depends on how often you are using them and how many people use it.


Will your natural deodorant keep me from sweating?

No. It is not a antiperspirant. Deodorants help keep ‘the smell’ at bay while antiperspirants inhibit the body’s natural function of sweating.


Will I react to your natural deodorant?

It depends on how sensitive your are. If you do happen to have a reaction or any irritation, stop use immediately.
Why is there a hole in the middle of my deodorant tube?

A liquid form is poured into the tubes, and while it cools it settles around the center twister. This creates the hole in the center. It goes just to the top of the twister and no farther generally.


Does your natual sunscreen have a specific SPF?

No, it does not.


Is your natural sunscreen tested?

No. While I have had good success with it, please use discretion and common sense when working with your family.


How long does the sunscreen last once applied?

Being completely oil based, this sunscreen stands up fairly well to moisture (i.e. water, sweat). Re-apply every couple hours for best results.


Do you guarantee this product?

I do not guarantee that this product will prevent burns. Nor do I guarantee it will never produce a reaction or irritation on anyone.

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